Monday, January 01, 2007

Hain agar dhoor manzil tho kya?

The festivities begun the moment the clock showed 12AM,1st January 2007,sms and phone calls started pouring in and everyone said "Happy New Year" I could wish them all right then and we laughed and talked and exchanged news but there is a small world of mine here too,in this blog space,where very few know me personally, many became friends through mails and even we are all yet to meet the feeling of belongingness makes the bond even stronger.I sure wanted to write to most of you personally which i will do, but a little later,i dont believe in group mails,or one content and cc to all email id's,so here i wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

Manishji ,let your love for music and poetry be what it has been always,keep writing about all those wonderful poets and writers and i am looking forward for the countdown of best of 2006 music list:) Happy new year to you.

Ardra, my dear sweet friend,i still wonder how someone can be so simple yet so wonderful and friendly and who has been there whenever needed. A wonderful new year to you and to your beautiful family.

Surinder, Oye, happy new year hain ji dost ji :D aapke baare mein kya bole hum,the one who tolerated most of my tantrums,demands and anger and yet smiled all the time and one guy who makes me feel "Zindagi rocks" thanku dear friend, A happy new year to both of you, abhi jaldi se mujhe phone karke thank u bol ki main tere bhare mein itni acchi acchi baatein bothi hoon;p

Hirdu, Hahahaha,He sits in Goa and mails and calls up people from 7.30pm and gives them gyan, thanku hain ji,aapka sabak main yaad rakhoongi jaroor:) happy new year and by the end of 2007 your single status will run away from you,have fun till then.

Gayatri ,thanku thanku for all the cute e cards you sent me dear lady,your profile photo rocks and so do you, One of my new year resolutions is to respond to your mails on time,i promise i wont break this one resolution:) and thanku dear friend, the warmth and love is mutual.May all your dreams come true this year, god bless.

Stoneji ,kyon sirji, kaise manaaya naya saal paraye desh mein? I still dont remember clearly how we both got into touch and even those occassional mails feel so good and special, my dear friend,i wish you and your wifey a wonderful new year ahead,have fun and have a rocking new year.

Ushaji, true to your blog statement "Ageless bonding" the bond i share with you makes me sure and confident of an unknown future, i still remember the words in the mails, and the dont ever give up attitude which you pour through your posts, I wish you a wonderful new year.

Kishore ,hahahaha,i already gave you the biggest surprise for the new year,dint i:d So now you come back soon and lets party;p I wish you a wonderful new year boy,let life give you the best,you deserve it.

Rangakrishnan, i wouldn say sorry for not keeping in touch,maybe because i know you dont need explanations and neither do i,i wish you a wonderful year ahead and i know we both are friends even if we maynot be able to mail eacother for another year also,but seriously i will keep in touch,wait for my mail:)

Atticus, in three years i only received your comment once in the blog but i know you more as a friend than a blogger today,wish you continue blogging but even then,wherever you go,what ever you do let there be happiness, let there be smiles and let there be joy all around,a happy new year to you.

Ashish,oye, now smile and have a blast,and lets keep arguing and use the word Stupid more often and now you keep counting No. of treats you owe me. Life is simple,enjoy it,forget about the past,lets not wait for the future,today is with you,make the most of it, happy new year my dearest friend.

Pallavi, happy new year lady, i just admire you the most and you always were with me whenever i came to you, wish you a wonderful new year,lots of travelling and a much more peaceful and wonderful life ahead,waiting to meet you soon.

Shahid, Aapki dosti sar aankoh par, zindagi ki dor mein kahin aapke kushi bhi likhi hain,dher saver mil hi jaayega sabkuch,thoda sa aur sabr,thoda sa aur intezaar? mushkil hain par namumkin tho nahi na, meri dua hamesha aapke saath hain, khush rahiye, muskuraayiye aur zindagi ke har pal ko apna bana kar do dekhiye, bada accha lagega, naya saal mubaarak ho aapko.

Anumita,sush,Dreamcatcher,Keshi,Ishitha,Hiphopgrandmom, Passerby,da4u,we all know each other mostly by comments here but still you are all special in my blog,i wish a happy new year to you:)

Atul, wish i could understand your posts as others do :( but i seriously i check every post and comments too once in a day,i will keep trying:) happy new year to you, your photo blog is one of the best photo blogs i have seen till date,keep clicking:)

Gangadhar,we never met even after staying in the same city but your son is the cutest i would say and whenever i go to Imax i keep checking if he is near by:) virtual bonding isnt it.a happy new year to you and your family.

Tulan,Just me,Het,Velu,Kaunquest, hope this journey of knowing each other through blogs continues for long,a happy new year to all of you.

I start my new year with this lovely as always will be a part of this blog space.

Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai,Ise har dil ko gaana padega
Zindagi ghum ka sagar bhi hai,Hanske us paar jaana padega
Hai agar door manzil to kya,Raasta bhi hain mushkil to kya
Raat taaron bhari na mile to,Dil ka deepak jalaana padega
Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai,Ise har dil ko gaana padega


Gaizabonts said...

Happy New Year to you, friends and family.

d4u said...

A very happy 2007 to u and ur family:) May this year bring in loads of happiness and success to u!!

Kishore said...

heee..heee... :D
Happy New year! I'm hoping to come back sooon...

Tulan H Kantesaria said...

Happy new year to you Alapana. i am sure we will know more about each other through blogging and somedays become friends. Take care and it always nice to receive comments from you.

Surinder said...

ouch ! :D

Surinder said...

ohh .. i forgot to write ..

Happy new year :D

Pallavi said...

Thanks for the sweet words.. and yeah hope this year brings in lot of joy and happiness for you.. and i am still always there if you ever need me... :) hugsssss looking forward to meeting you when you are here.

jupallis said...


I wish sri & U a vveerrry Happy New Year

Anonymous said... - please check this and forward to ur friends

@$#!$# said...

:-) Happy New Year to you too....

call when u have some time...

Dreamcatcher said...

Happy new year, the template looks so beautiful now.

Keshi said...

awww how sweet a post here!

ty and Happy New Year babe!


Stone said...

Wish you a VERY VERY VERY Happy new year!!!

Take care!

Gangadhar said...

Thanks for your nice words,alaps..
Happy new year to all of you..

with best wishes

Hirdu said...

Thanx a lot...Have a great year ahead...

Shall be coming again to write more

mommyof2 said...

Happy New Year:-)

Ye manzilen !! said...

Sorry could not get to your blog earlier as I was busy with my film. You are so generous with duwayen. Thanks. Tumhari duwayen sacchi bhi ho askti hain begining with the Premieer of my film.....righto?

Tum ko bhi naya saal mubarak saab - Badi si ho jao !


Alapana said...

Thankyou all of you,A wonderful new year wish for all of you here,god bless.

wise donkey said...

so sweet:) thank you so much:)
Happy New Year to everyone in your family:) and even if u dont reply to my mails or cards, i will continue to cherish what we have:)

new blogger?i couldnt post comment yday:)


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