Monday, January 15, 2007


Do you want to watch Mithun chakravarthy the performer,Not Abhishek but Gurukanth Desai and excellent cinematography by Rajeev menon,and above all a good movie by Maniratnam,go watch GURU people,excellent movie and i thoroughly enjoyed it first day last show;p though i am not much convinced about the ending of the movie its a great entertainer with a message,Dare to dream,dare to make them real and also it was one of the most enjoyed evening of my 8 months married life,a movie with hubby and two of my best friends K & S and long drive home at mid night bugging hubby till he got me the long due icecream,while he was busy driving i was busy eating:)

Me :Why dont you drive faaaaaaaaaaaaast,overtake that vehicle in front"

Hubby: Well,with you behind the bike wont go beyond this speed"

Me: You mean i am plump? you are talking about my weight,mean fellow,i hate you"

Hubby: Errrr,i am only saying its not safe driving so fast with you behind"
huh,men! ! ! !

These two are the most important members of our family,Sometimes i wonder how it would have been had they used words to express their thoughts,what do they think of us? what do they feel about me?Their eyes say it all,and they fondly lick my face while i am sleeping,if i am crying they come and touch my hand,the moment i enter the house they bark and bark till i give them a big hug,they mob me and they keep searching my bag to see what i got them to eat.
Raja likes samosas and mirchibajji and all that we humans shall eat,he states it clearly through his actions that he is also a human,he hates fellow dogs,and he would sleep only on the bed,on the chair he sits and he relaxes on the diwan,He makes sure we know clearly about his rights and keeps reminding about our dutues towards him:)

and Sandy is the mild one,well,one look at his eyes and whole world will curse our family that we might be torturing him,dont give him food and that he is facing it all humiliation with silence,well,his eyes are always sad but he is the most pampered and the kid of the house,He needs mom all the time, he follows her religiously where ever she goes, today when i look back past few years of this house i know we laughed more and smiled more because of them,we bonded more as a family because of them,we forgot egos because of them,we felt more secure because of them, this is for you both my dear kiddos,you make our existence complete:) keep rocking.

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justme said...

loved Guru as well..!! :-)


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