Wednesday, January 24, 2007

zindagi haseen hain

I want to be there,where dreams turn to reality,where the sea and sky embrace and whisper their love for eachother,at that moment i want to stand on the shores,holding your hand and let the silence speak,Life is tough,but with you around,solutions always come to me easily,Thankyou for being there.
This is one of my very favourite album and the combination of Gulzar and RD makes it even more special,and feels great to start your day with the song.........

"katraa katraa milthi hai, katraa katraa jeene do, zindagii hai, bahne do~~~~~
pyaasi hoon main pyasi rehne do,rehne do naaaaa,
tumne to aakash bichhaya,mere nange pairo main zameen hai,
dekhe to tumhaari aarzoo hai,,shayad aisi zindagi haseen hai,
aarzoo main bahne do,pyaasi hoon main pyaasi rehne do

halke halke kohre ke dhue mein,shayad aasman tak aagayi hoon,
teri do nigaho ke sahaare dekho tho kahaatha aagayi hoon,
kohre mein behne do,pyasi hoon mein pyasi rehne do

Me:What gift did you get me from there" {all excited and searching his airbag}

Hubby: Hmmm,errrrr,hmmm

Me:What??? you forgot,isn't it,so mean of you" {all th while ignoring a small box without any giftwrap in one corner of the bag.I walk off:( }

After 5 min he called me into the hall where he is all beaming and i notice a small porcelain gift,a girl and guy in a dancing pose and then i looked at him blank,he smiled and he connected a plug into the socket and turned on the switch and there started a small water fountain in there,oh,i understood,the girl was standing in a lotus,he was looking at me and i was looking at the "Eight wonder of the world"

Hubby:Did you like it" Me:Errr,hmmm, what made you bring me this?

Hubby:You like water,dont u?

Me:water!!!!!!!! oh,that {i told him i love sea,rivers and ponds and beaches but fountains?????" and that too as a gift????
And it reminds me of a gift i would give to a ten year old girl and i am not one.

Hubby: Oh,i though your are one,atleast you remind me one:)
What???? Huh,men !@#$%$#@!

Well,not bad that way,atleast he rememberd i like WATER:( in past eight months i got two stuffed dogs,{ He remembered i love pets} one parker pen,{i collect pens}a laptop{wanted me to finish my phd},a pendrive{so that i dont waste his cd's and dvd's} and now this.
Will i ever get something feminine? and he asked "Why do YOU need a feminine gift,thats for someone ....." Sigh,hope next week when he comes he wont bring something which reminds me of a 5yr kid:(indai

But dear hubby,if you are reading this,you know it very well that i love the way you are,dont change:D

Pic courtesy:Deviant art.
Album :Gulzar remembers Pancham.


Kishore said...

Hmm.. and come soon to wherever u should be coming soon... :)

starry nights said...

I think your hubby is really a sweet person.someone who knows your likes and dislikes and is so in tune with who you are.very few men know their wives so well.wish you both a wonderful life to-gether.

shub said...

Hello hello thanks for commenting :) Glad you did.
* tiight hug*

Ardra said...

You've been tagged baby!

@$#!$# said...

u know...i am now finding it really difficult not to say anything :-))

ur hubby s really smart hmm....

Tulan said...

you guys should start your own funny show like the oldies MR. and MRS. Vaghlea.

u guys are so funny.

did i mention i love the dialouges u have with ur hubby. does he write a blog or not?

Deepa said...


Manish said...

ha ha ha ha :) theek pehchana unhone aapko ! :p

Alapana said...

Kishore,Not so soon:) you know how much i hate changes,haan,but eventually i will come there.

Lalitha,i hope my husband doesn't read your comment,varna he will be on cloud nine;p thanku somuch for the wonderful wishes.

Alapana said...

Shub,the pleasure is all mine lady:) hugs to you too.

Ardra,Hahahahaha,i know,i know,i read the post already:)

Alapana said...

Ashish,i think i am surrounded by too many smart men in my life i guess,so you better use your smartness and Dont say anything for your physical and emotional wellbeing,Grrrrrrrrr


Alapana said...

Tulan,Oldies like the tv series or the oldies in age!!!!! I hope its the first one;p
Blog and Hubby? hahahahaha,i told him about your comment and his reaction was "shadi ke baad bolti bandh hogayi tho likhne ki azadi kahaan se ayegi bhai" now you know he is really FUNNY:D

Manishji,aap bhi meri taang keenchrahe hain,aap mere dost hain ki uske dost?"

mommyof2 said...

He is sweet:-)making you feel like 5 years old is way better than making you feel like 50;-)

my hubby went to foodstore and I told him to get a surprice for me(eating stuff;-) and he got dip last week, which was fine & y'day he got chikus when he know that I HATE fruits:-)

so enjoy;-)


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