Sunday, February 12, 2006


After a week of hectic schedule and after working non stop for 19hrs straight today i am free,Oh,atleast i am still trying.Convincing a friend that attending a wedding reception is not so imp as sleeping,it wont be any better than sitting in my room with a book and music:).
Nothing like a sunday filled with colours,of plants,of flowers and of LIFE:)
Stop working somuch,start living" said someone,and made me think,made me write,at times i wonder what makes these words comeout in a few sec,where i dont need to think,all i do is to keep forming my thoughts,shaping them,and when i put a fullstop to the words,there it is,my thoughts shaped into words .........

i am the king,i am the queen,where i keep weaving the clouds of dreams,What to do,what to say to U,i have thousand words for you,just like the stars in the sky,each bright in its own,shining and twinkling,"Dream on" whispers someone,I turnaround to find none,But then where is the breeze coming from? touching me from all sides,making be believe that you are around somewhere,i closed the way to my heart,but how did you come inthen?
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Pic courtesy: ME In my Garden
i can feel the freshness of life,i can feel the brightness of the sun,Is it you who broke the walls to my heart? but i built them high and strong,how did you peep in then? "Thats Love my dear" whispered someone again,this time i close my eyes,I dont want to search for you this time,I know you are with in me,i just feel it,with a smile on my lips,with my closed eyes i can feel you around,i can hear the sounds in the silence,sometimes Expressions of silence convey it all which words fail to say.......isnt it? I have no greeting for you,no garlands and high receptions,all i have is a line,which i say it with a smile and with a hope........ "WELCOME BACK LIFE,i have been waiting for you"

itanii muddat baad mile ho
kin soch.n mein gum rahate ho

tez havaa ne mujh se puuchha
ret pe kyaa likhte rahate ho

kaun sii baat hai tum me.n aisii
itane achchhe kyo.n lagate ho

ham se na puuchho hijr ke qisse
apanii kaho ab tum kaise ho


Invincible said...

Welcome Back Life !!
Thats the spirit :)

is it only life or koi hai :)
bolo bolo.

The pics are really beautiful.

Sush said...

Life is waiting for you with its arms stretched out..just keep walking it will welcome you with the same spirit :)

Atul Sabnis said...

mere ghar aana, aana zindagi..

Prati said...

Refreshing POst Neels....Have a Great week...take good care! :) The pics are so beautiful :)

PuNeEt said...

finally some one made u think ;-)
no point working like hell if u cant enjoy the life...
isnt it :-)

good to see u back smiling :-))


Art said...

Hmm... enjoy the freshness, the brightness... Those will become the moments u will cherish all ur life :)

desperado said...

n keep this brightness n freshness close to u forever

nishita said...

nice you are back and your pictures ...beleive me are special....if you ever dont feel like writing still post the lovely pictures.After losing a garden to a cramped apartment I really envy your keep posting em and enjoy those fresh flowers.
logon ka kya kahen
hum to phoolon se bhi door jeene lage hai.

Pallavi said...


Nahuatl said...

ham se na puuchho hijr ke qisse
apanii kaho ab tum kaise ho

Wow! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

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