Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You're Missed! ! !

Its been a long time when i got free by 6pm,and its been long since i was not in front of the pc at that time,But today i dint want to be here,online,so i chose to sort out some of my files and while doing so i found this,stuck in between some cards,faded and looking lost,I remember the person who gave it to me long long back,10years back a dear friend gave it to me,today he is far off in USA making his life,busy with family.
but the thought of him makes me smile,the occassional phonecalls, mails and visits makes my memories more brighter and cheerful. What would be life without these people whom i call friends? Tough i would say.
But today i am almost silent,everyone being busy with their own life i hardly get to talk to anyone,my inbox has no new mails mostly,my mobile doesnt ring as often as it used to do,and my sms count came down to a single digit no. from a thousand. They all care,i care for them all too,but we dont have time,and how much ever i try to convince myself with that theory at times,times like today,It hurts,feels lonely, Miss you all,those who are silent,those who are away,those who are busy,Those who care,and those who dont,I miss you all.

Its surprising how often I think of you,
turn to speak to you,
and realize you're not right there
as i expect you to be.
i guess i hold you so close in thought
that its hard to understand sometimes,
that you aren't close in person.
Bit i wanted to let you know
I'm thinking of you,
and wishing we could talk,
and just be together

You are really missed


Sush said...

miss ya oodles...:)

Stone said...


Manish said...

we have come here all alone naa isi baat ka ehsaas uparwala shayad beech beech mein humein kara deta hai :(

pisku said...

this is an issue to close to my heart. I'm still grappling on how to cope with it. nice post

Jigal.. said...


nicely written


take care

Art said...

Nice to see that ur workload is a little better now.. Well about missing friends... U have reminded me.. I need to write a lot of mails to all my friends...

taggy said...

Distance is a great reminder of past ! :) cherished moments ! and sometimes its great to just think about those moments than trying to make them hapen in the present !

Usha said...

Memories of good old times which stay forever green and fresh in the minds, which make us smile in the saddest of times and gives us strength is the lowest of moments - what would we do without friends and their cherished memories!
Time passes and takes friends far apart but the memories stay to comfort and hug us.

illusions said...


illusions said...

I really enjoy coming back and reading this poem :)

Anonymous said...

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